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Month: February 2018

CMH Grow Light Test And Review – Best Ceramic Metal Halide 315W

Ceramic Metal Halid or CMH is the new buzzword in the indoor garden lighting industry in 2018.

CMH grow lights are amazing for veg and some people are even starting to flower with them. We went to the Indo Expo Garden Trade Show in Denver on Janury 27, 2018 to learn more about CMH grow lights and find who’s producing the best complete CMH fixutre.

Our sun provides us with perfect solar radiation that plants abosrb and use for photosynthesis. Unfortunately other environmental issues don’t always allow us to grow outside year round. Perfect example is Denver Colorado where growing outside can be very hard anytime of the year due to their highly fluctuating temperatures. Luckily a few years back some people way smarter than myself manufactured a light bulb to mimic the solar radiation of the sun, allowing gardeners to grow indoors all year round. Technology has come a far way and the options we have now are better than ever before.

CMH Grow Light Test

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