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CMH Grow Light Test And Review – Best Ceramic Metal Halide 315W

Ceramic Metal Halid or CMH is the new buzzword in the indoor garden lighting industry in 2018.

CMH grow lights are amazing for veg and some people are even starting to flower with them. We went to the Indo Expo Garden Trade Show in Denver on Janury 27, 2018 to learn more about CMH grow lights and find who’s producing the best complete CMH fixutre.

Our sun provides us with perfect solar radiation that plants abosrb and use for photosynthesis. Unfortunately other environmental issues don’t always allow us to grow outside year round. Perfect example is Denver Colorado where growing outside can be very hard anytime of the year due to their highly fluctuating temperatures. Luckily a few years back some people way smarter than myself manufactured a light bulb to mimic the solar radiation of the sun, allowing gardeners to grow indoors all year round. Technology has come a far way and the options we have now are better than ever before.

CMH Grow Light Test

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Hydroponic Nutrients For Beginners: Base vs. Additives

As the trend grows towards hydroponic gardening, so does the confusion regarding plant nutrition.

New growers are mystified by the array of products available that all promise to promote bigger, better and more plant production. Well we are here to help you quickly learn essentials behind the major nutrient brands on the market today. Let’s take some of the mystery out of the growing process by looking at the differences between base nutrients (the essentials) and additives (your extras).

Nutrients For Beginners

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Five Best Ways To Germinate Seeds

Starting a garden from seed? Well get ready for an education in germination.

These are the five best ways to germinate your seeds and a few tips on how to plant your seeds once they’ve rooted. Luckily, germinating seeds successfully doesn’t take a science degree. But it will take a glass of water and roughly 24 hours, so if don’t have either of those you should probably stop reading now. By following these simple ‘how to’ tips for germinating seeds, you can have an abundance of plants growing in the garden this year for minimal expense.

how to germinate seeds

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The Importance Of pH Water Balance – Why And How To Do It

I dont have a PHD but I can tell you that you are having a pH problem.

Are your plants showing signs of limp folliage, sluggish growth and stressed yellowing leaves? Well i’m here to tell you about viagra for plants. No i’m just kidding. A quick and easy thing to check for is the pH level of the water or nutrient solution you are feeding your plants. Whether growing in soil or hydroponically it’s vital for proper nutrient uptake that your water or solution be pH’d properly. I get to talk to a lot of growers who are new to gardening. They often come to me with problems they face in the garden, giving me plant symptoms and asking for diagnoses. Having a PHD in watching YouTube videos to diagnose my own plants i’m incredibly confident playing doctor. Let’s start dissecting.

pH Problem In Plants

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Stop Trying And Start Growing! Easiest Water Only Soil!

Stop trying and start growing with the easiest water only soil growing medium.

I started growing 7 years ago and after my very first grow I’ve always tried to improve on one thing… find a way to make my life easier! Whether it was updating my growing equipment with newer technologies or controlling my environment in different ways I’ve always wanted to grow the most successful crop with the least amount of effort exerted. I’m a millennial, what do you expect? Sure I love gardening but indoor gardening has a multitude of obstacles to overcome and finding ways to avoid said obstacles is and will always be my mission. I’ve grown hydroponically my entire life because I was originally led to believe that hydro was the cleanest, easiest and most environmentally friendly way to grow indoors. My millennial background was drawn to the ease of nutrient feed schedules and fully automated grow systems. While I love my ebb and flow hydro system it has some unavoidable downfalls, including but not limited to: nutrient prepping on a weekly basis, full system cleaning every grow to minimize containments, and the overall amount of space hydro systems and their reservoirs take up in your grow room. All these little things sent me on my journey to remedy these inconveniences in my life and try something new.

Water Only Soil Kit

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Pros And Cons Of Hand Trimming Buds vs. Automated Trimmers

Who is excited about harvest season!

About 20 years ago, the only way to trim your flowers was to hand trim each bud. This was a thorough but slow process. Hired laborers working for days trimming until their wee little fingers turn black and blue. It’s a process many in the industry still swear by. Bud trimming machines are beginning to transform the industry while also becoming more versatile than ever. Now, commercial bud trimmers can turn what took a week into just 1 or 2 days’ processing time. As the demand for bud increases, there is a vast need to process harvests quicker – and hand trimming just isn’t efficient and fast enough. Lets quickly discuss the benefits and downfalls of each trimming type which include a few you might not have thought of.

Hand Trim versus Automated Trimmer

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8 Best Ways To Trim Your Bud This Harvest Season

It’s trimming season baby and we are reviewing the 8 best ways to trim your buds.

It’s September, which means all those outdoor growers need to start preparing for harvest. You’ve put your blood sweat and tears into your garden (Blood, Sweat & Tears = Terrible Compost) and now you have more flowers than you know what to do with. Harvesting your plants should be a rewarding process but the tedious and time consuming process of trimming can be daunting. We are here to dive into the 8 best bud trimming options to get you and your crew through harvest as efficiently and affectively as possible. Let’s cut the intro and shear through this!

Best Bud Trimmers 2017

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Online Retailer Offers Selection of Grow Tent Kits, Lights, Hydroponics

Green Envy Supply Provides Affordable, Factory-Direct Indoor Growing Options

City, Calif. — Date, 2017 — As the indoor growing and hydroponics market explodes, one online garden supply retailer is striving to maintain the widest selection of indoor growing supplies at the lowest prices on the internet.

Green Envy Logo

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Industry’s Most Affordable Grow Tent – OneDeal

Whats up growers. I’m here to introduce the industries most economical grow tent for indoor gardening. Meet the ONEDeal Grow Tent. Designed by DL wholesale in San Francisco, these tents offer all the advanced features as the major brands, but at an incredibly low price.

One Deal Grow Tent

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Oxygen Pot Systems XL Super Flow Review

Whats up growers! I’m very excited to introduce what is quickly becoming the most popular hydroponic system in the industry, The Oxygen Pot Systems XL Super Flow! Designed and manufactured in Southern California, the Super Flow bucket system is the most unique and intelligently designed ebb and flow system on the market!


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Funk Filter Carbon Air Filter for Cleaning Your Garden’s Air

The Funk Filter Carbon Air Filter eliminates nasty orders and other harmful airborne particles keeping your plants safe and your room smelling fresh! Air is cleaned by passing through the filter which contains odor eliminating granular charcoal. This filtering process will remove 99.5% of all odors from your grow room!

Funk Filter Carbon Air FIlter

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Simple Way To Add Co2 To Indoor Gardens

Increase the carbon dioxide levels in your grow room with the EZ Co2. EZ CO2 is a natural, safe, and inexpensive way of providing your plants with carbon dioxide (CO2). Why add Co2? During photosynthesis plants absorb light to turn water and carbon dioxide into sugars in order to feed the plant. By increasing the levels of Co2 in your garden you ultimately increase the plants access food.

CO2 For Grow Rooms

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Is Buying LED Grow Lights Worth The Cost?

Buying LED grow lights can be an expensive initial cost and many growers are concerned that they will never see the return. When you are thinking about growing plants indoors, you have to consider several things, most importantly is probably the lighting. Whether you are moving plants to a greenhouse, or into a home or garage, the lighting that you choose will determine the yield and success of the plants. There are many lighting options available on the market for you to choose from, each option having its own benefits and downfalls. Only one stands out and is both more economical and efficient than the alternatives.

led grow lightshps grow light bulbs

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Gorilla Grow Tent Review

This Gorilla Grow Tent review offers highlights on the best brand of grow tents on the market. professional quality tents that are perfect for both expert and beginner growers. Their tents are crafted using fabric with a density if 1680D, making them 3 to 9 times thicker than any other grow tents available on the market. The dense fabric allows for a more efficient grow tent, keeping bad light and air out. This creates a perfectly stable environment on the inside leading to better yield.

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Differences in Indoor Grow Lights

As the trend continues to grow towards indoor hydroponic gardening, an ongoing conversation about which indoor grow lights are the best and which ones are the worst is up for debate. To discover which indoor lighting type works best for you, start by learning which types are available and the differences between each type.

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California Lightworks Review

California Lightworks LED Grow Lights are offered in a range of different sizes that are perfect for any indoor garden, or greenhouse growing project. The smaller units produce 110 watts, weighing in at just about 10 lbs. The largest, the SolarStorm 880 produces 880 watts and weighs roughly 35 lbs. Regardless of the growing area or crop you have in mind, California Lightworks LED Grow Lights ensure that you will receive the perfect light requirements you need. The two smallest LED units, the Solarstorm 110 and Solarstorm 220, are manufactured specifically for either a bloom or vegetation crop. The two largest units that California Lightworks offers, the 440 and 880, have the option to two switch between a bloom and veg stage making the customizability of the larger units a dream!

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