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Hydroponic Nutrients For Beginners: Base vs. Additives

As the trend grows towards hydroponic gardening, so does the confusion regarding plant nutrition.

New growers are mystified by the array of products available that all promise to promote bigger, better and more plant production. Well we are here to help you quickly learn essentials behind the major nutrient brands on the market today. Let’s take some of the mystery out of the growing process by looking at the differences between base nutrients (the essentials) and additives (your extras).

Nutrients For Beginners

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The Importance Of pH Water Balance – Why And How To Do It

I dont have a PHD but I can tell you that you are having a pH problem.

Are your plants showing signs of limp folliage, sluggish growth and stressed yellowing leaves? Well i’m here to tell you about viagra for plants. No i’m just kidding. A quick and easy thing to check for is the pH level of the water or nutrient solution you are feeding your plants. Whether growing in soil or hydroponically it’s vital for proper nutrient uptake that your water or solution be pH’d properly. I get to talk to a lot of growers who are new to gardening. They often come to me with problems they face in the garden, giving me plant symptoms and asking for diagnoses. Having a PHD in watching YouTube videos to diagnose my own plants i’m incredibly confident playing doctor. Let’s start dissecting.

pH Problem In Plants

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Oxygen Pot Systems XL Super Flow Review

Whats up growers! I’m very excited to introduce what is quickly becoming the most popular hydroponic system in the industry, The Oxygen Pot Systems XL Super Flow! Designed and manufactured in Southern California, the Super Flow bucket system is the most unique and intelligently designed ebb and flow system on the market!


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Is Hydroponic Gardening for You?

Hydroponic gardening is the method of growing fresh vegetables without using soil. The growing method has several applications including vermiponics and aquaponics, which we will dive into a little later. All hydroponic applications have the capability to produce successful harvests. As the trend continues to grow towards sustainable living, the demand for alternative gardening methods producing food year round will grow as well. Hydroponic gardening can produce fresh vegetables and fish year around and help promote a sustainable life style.

Benefits of Hydroponics

This form of gardening can be done indoors, a plus for many people who lead busy lives or who don’t have land space. Indoor gardening allows you to tend to the growing vegetation after dark or before daylight, since you control the light. Hydroponic gardening also allows those who have no outdoor space to grow their own fresh vegetables year around. A hydroponic gardening system can be set up inside a home, in a spare bedroom, in a garage, on a lanai or inside of any other sheltered location.

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Benefits of Growing Hydroponically

Hydroponics is a fast growing industry and is the future of gardening! The ability to grow food without soil, indoors or outdoors, makes growing plants hydroponically the ideal way to provide fresh food in areas that have no land space or where soil is sterile and unable to grow vegetation. Whether you’re a home gardener who would like to have fresh herbs on hand year round or a commercial food grower who would like to extend your growing season and profit margin, growing hydroponically offers many benefits.

ebb flow hydroponic systems
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