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Is Buying LED Grow Lights Worth The Cost?

Buying LED grow lights can be an expensive initial cost and many growers are concerned that they will never see the return. When you are thinking about growing plants indoors, you have to consider several things, most importantly is probably the lighting. Whether you are moving plants to a greenhouse, or into a home or garage, the lighting that you choose will determine the yield and success of the plants. There are many lighting options available on the market for you to choose from, each option having its own benefits and downfalls. Only one stands out and is both more economical and efficient than the alternatives.

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California Lightworks Review

California Lightworks LED Grow Lights are offered in a range of different sizes that are perfect for any indoor garden, or greenhouse growing project. The smaller units produce 110 watts, weighing in at just about 10 lbs. The largest, the SolarStorm 880 produces 880 watts and weighs roughly 35 lbs. Regardless of the growing area or crop you have in mind, California Lightworks LED Grow Lights ensure that you will receive the perfect light requirements you need. The two smallest LED units, the Solarstorm 110 and Solarstorm 220, are manufactured specifically for either a bloom or vegetation crop. The two largest units that California Lightworks offers, the 440 and 880, have the option to two switch between a bloom and veg stage making the customizability of the larger units a dream!

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Growing Indoor Tomatoes With LED Lights

Growing tomatoes indoors is a great way to have fresh tomatoes year round without having to worry about the weather outside. There are many ways to grow veggies indoors but the newest craze is LED lighting. Growing tomato plants indoors using light emitting diodes (LED’s) offers several advantages to traditionally outdoor gGrowing Tomatoes with LED Lightsrown tomato farming. Growing tomatoes indoors requires a LED that has a broad-spectrum range of color. LED lights must be able to accommodate the plant throughout all stages of growth, from germination and early growth stages, to flowering and fruit production. LED bulbs that include UV, blue, red, and white light in their spectrum are best suited for indoor grown tomatoes because they emit similar wave lengths of light that outdoor tomatoes would receive from the sun in a natural setting. Being able to successfully grow tomatoes indoors allows you to cultivate and harvest tomatoes year round, and frees you from the restrictions that outdoor tomato growing faces.

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Kind LED Review: Advanced LED Grow Lights

Big footprint yields a big output. This new generation of indoor grow lights produces 650 watt actual output with 320 LED diodes, and it does it within a five feet square of space. Our Kind LED review on this advanced grow light system (K5 series) guarantees growers will cultivate record breaking yields, both in quantity and quality, under a quieter and cooler running lighting system. The Kind LED XL 1000 and the Kind LED XL 750 will run more efficiently than any other grow light, and that comes with a manufacturer backed guarantee as well.

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HID vs LED Grow Lights

When it comes to growing plants indoors, there are two major competitors in the world of grow lights. Light Emitting Diode lights, or LED’s, and High-Intensity Discharge lamps, or HIDs. The big question is which one is better and which one will offer the biggest benefits to your crops. Well on the surface one of the most noticeable difference in lights is going to be the price. You can buy a 1000 Watt HID grow light for about $60. Right now the only true 1000 watt LED grow light on the market is the PhytoMAX 1000 and it MSRP’s at $3,099. At such a contrasting price point it’s important for growers to do their research and fully understand the benefits of growing with each.

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Black Dog LED PhytoMAX: The Best LED Grow Lights

Black Dog LED is one of the oldest manufacturers of LED grow lights in the industry, and is continuously striving towards quality and innovation in their mission to create LED products that can successfully replace traditional grow lights. Their first products, created in 2010, were the first LED grow lights on the market to have a full spectrum of light, including both UV light, and NIR light frequencies. Black Dog’s new PhytoMAX series is their best grow light to date. The PhytoMAX line of LEDs is available in 5 different models (PhytoMAX 1000, PhytoMAX 800, PhytoMAX 600, PhytoMAX 400, PhytoMAX 200). Make sure you check out our video review of the Black Dog PhytoMAX 800. As a brand, Black Dog LED is committed to providing quality and innovation to their customers and continually searching for new product ideas and designs to offer to their consumers.

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Benefits of Growing With LED Lights

Light emitting diodKind LED Full Spectrumes, or LED’s, are commonly used to grow flowering and fruit bearing plants indoors, and has been found to be a very successful substitute for natural sunlight. LED lights are a good substitution to natural sunlight because they simulate the full spectrum of the suns natural light with a stronger focus on red and blue light.While most plants cannot survive under red light alone, the combination of red and blue does prove to be a suitable spectrum combination for them to thrive in. Red and blue wavelengths help to encourage the bloom and germination stages of a plants development. LED lights use much less energy than other grow light options and omit very little heat and UV light, allowing them to be placed closer to the plants without the need for heavy ventilation like traditional reflector and HPS setups. LED lights are compact and the absence of ventilation makes them very easy to move around if necessary.

Kind LED K3 L600 Bottom IlluminatedKind LED K3 L600 Vegetative Bottom Illuminated

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