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CMH Grow Light Test And Review – Best Ceramic Metal Halide 315W

Ceramic Metal Halid or CMH is the new buzzword in the indoor garden lighting industry in 2018.

CMH grow lights are amazing for veg and some people are even starting to flower with them. We went to the Indo Expo Garden Trade Show in Denver on Janury 27, 2018 to learn more about CMH grow lights and find who’s producing the best complete CMH fixutre.

Our sun provides us with perfect solar radiation that plants abosrb and use for photosynthesis. Unfortunately other environmental issues don’t always allow us to grow outside year round. Perfect example is Denver Colorado where growing outside can be very hard anytime of the year due to their highly fluctuating temperatures. Luckily a few years back some people way smarter than myself manufactured a light bulb to mimic the solar radiation of the sun, allowing gardeners to grow indoors all year round. Technology has come a far way and the options we have now are better than ever before.

CMH Grow Light Test

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Stop Trying And Start Growing! Easiest Water Only Soil!

Stop trying and start growing with the easiest water only soil growing medium.

I started growing 7 years ago and after my very first grow I’ve always tried to improve on one thing… find a way to make my life easier! Whether it was updating my growing equipment with newer technologies or controlling my environment in different ways I’ve always wanted to grow the most successful crop with the least amount of effort exerted. I’m a millennial, what do you expect? Sure I love gardening but indoor gardening has a multitude of obstacles to overcome and finding ways to avoid said obstacles is and will always be my mission. I’ve grown hydroponically my entire life because I was originally led to believe that hydro was the cleanest, easiest and most environmentally friendly way to grow indoors. My millennial background was drawn to the ease of nutrient feed schedules and fully automated grow systems. While I love my ebb and flow hydro system it has some unavoidable downfalls, including but not limited to: nutrient prepping on a weekly basis, full system cleaning every grow to minimize containments, and the overall amount of space hydro systems and their reservoirs take up in your grow room. All these little things sent me on my journey to remedy these inconveniences in my life and try something new.

Water Only Soil Kit

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Funk Filter Carbon Air Filter for Cleaning Your Garden’s Air

The Funk Filter Carbon Air Filter eliminates nasty orders and other harmful airborne particles keeping your plants safe and your room smelling fresh! Air is cleaned by passing through the filter which contains odor eliminating granular charcoal. This filtering process will remove 99.5% of all odors from your grow room!

Funk Filter Carbon Air FIlter

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Gorilla Grow Tent Review

This Gorilla Grow Tent review offers highlights on the best brand of grow tents on the market. professional quality tents that are perfect for both expert and beginner growers. Their tents are crafted using fabric with a density if 1680D, making them 3 to 9 times thicker than any other grow tents available on the market. The dense fabric allows for a more efficient grow tent, keeping bad light and air out. This creates a perfectly stable environment on the inside leading to better yield.

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California Lightworks Review

California Lightworks LED Grow Lights are offered in a range of different sizes that are perfect for any indoor garden, or greenhouse growing project. The smaller units produce 110 watts, weighing in at just about 10 lbs. The largest, the SolarStorm 880 produces 880 watts and weighs roughly 35 lbs. Regardless of the growing area or crop you have in mind, California Lightworks LED Grow Lights ensure that you will receive the perfect light requirements you need. The two smallest LED units, the Solarstorm 110 and Solarstorm 220, are manufactured specifically for either a bloom or vegetation crop. The two largest units that California Lightworks offers, the 440 and 880, have the option to two switch between a bloom and veg stage making the customizability of the larger units a dream!

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Best Smell Proof Bag For Discreet Transportation

Right now if you need to take smelly product from one spot to the next there is no better smell proof bag than the All Weather Odor Lock (AWOL) duffle bag. The AWOL duffle bag was intelligently designed all the way down to carrying straps. The inside liner is carbon activated capturing the strongest of odors. The key feature to the AWOL smell proof bag is the wetsuit zipper keeping the unwanted smells inside and harmful moister outside. The carbon activated velcro flaps make a final tight seal. The tough exterior fabric is made with high quality military grade water repellent fabric.

The bag can be carried by hand, by shoulder or can be worn like a backpack. The bag also comes with X shaped straps on each side for two person carrying capabilities. This odor proof bag comes in two sizes, the XL and the XXL. In the product spotlight featured below you can see that the AWOL XL, which is the smallest of the two bags, was able to fit 18 FULL gallon bags of smelly popcorn with room to spare! The XXL is twice the volume meaning you can expect to fit about 36 gallon bags of product.

Make sure to not to leave a trail of stank behind you and invest in an the stylish All Weather Odor Lock bag today!

Kind LED Review: Advanced LED Grow Lights

Big footprint yields a big output. This new generation of indoor grow lights produces 650 watt actual output with 320 LED diodes, and it does it within a five feet square of space. Our Kind LED review on this advanced grow light system (K5 series) guarantees growers will cultivate record breaking yields, both in quantity and quality, under a quieter and cooler running lighting system. The Kind LED XL 1000 and the Kind LED XL 750 will run more efficiently than any other grow light, and that comes with a manufacturer backed guarantee as well.

kind led grow lightKind-LED-L600-Top

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Cloning Plants with a Cloning Machine

Cloning plants may sound like a very complicated, scientific project, but it’s actually quite easy. Weather you want to stay more traditional and use rockwool cubes or invest in a cloning machine, any home gardener can clone a mature tomato plant and fill your indoor garden. Once you grow or buy the first plant you will be able to live off many generations of the same plant by cloning, for free! Follow these easy instructions so you can successfully clone tomato plants.

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