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Pros And Cons Of Hand Trimming Buds vs. Automated Trimmers

Who is excited about harvest season!

About 20 years ago, the only way to trim your flowers was to hand trim each bud. This was a thorough but slow process. Hired laborers working for days trimming until their wee little fingers turn black and blue. It’s a process many in the industry still swear by. Bud trimming machines are beginning to transform the industry while also becoming more versatile than ever. Now, commercial bud trimmers can turn what took a week into just 1 or 2 days’ processing time. As the demand for bud increases, there is a vast need to process harvests quicker – and hand trimming just isn’t efficient and fast enough. Lets quickly discuss the benefits and downfalls of each trimming type which include a few you might not have thought of.

Hand Trim versus Automated Trimmer

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8 Best Ways To Trim Your Bud This Harvest Season

It’s trimming season baby and we are reviewing the 8 best ways to trim your buds.

It’s September, which means all those outdoor growers need to start preparing for harvest. You’ve put your blood sweat and tears into your garden (Blood, Sweat & Tears = Terrible Compost) and now you have more flowers than you know what to do with. Harvesting your plants should be a rewarding process but the tedious and time consuming process of trimming can be daunting. We are here to dive into the 8 best bud trimming options to get you and your crew through harvest as efficiently and affectively as possible. Let’s cut the intro and shear through this!

Best Bud Trimmers 2017

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