2×4 LED Hydro Complete Grow Tent Kit

2×4 LED Hydro Complete Grow Tent Kit

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This 2×4 Advanced Spectrum Hydro Grow Kit is great for starting an indoor garden! You provide the plants and love and we’ll handle the rest.

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Product Description


Grow Kit Style:
LED + Hydro
Light Brand:
Advanced Spectrum LED
Light Name:
Light Footprint:
3′ x 4′
Tent Brand:
Secret Jardin
Tent Size:
2′ x 4′
Tent Name:
Dark Street DS120W
Hydro System:
GH WaterFarm
Systems Included:
3 Systems
Package MSRP:

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Meet the 2×4 Advanced Spectrum Hydro Grow Kit by Green Envy Supply!

This complete kit is absolutely perfect for beginners! You provide the plants and love and we’ll handle the rest. Our professionally designed grow tent kits come with everything you need to start a successful grow. This hydro kit is so easy to grow with that we almost guarantee a successful grow the first time, and here is why.

Once your grow kit is assembled we suggest buying clones from your local nursery. Plant your clones into the system and watch your crop explode! The secret is in the easy to follow 3 part nutrient program. The General Hydroponics 3 part nutrient system provides all the minerals necessary for productive growth and bloom stages. The circulation of water pushes oxygen into the solution and keeps your nutrient solution fresh for 7-10 days. The Green Envy Supply team has put its most dependable products together in one package to make your life easy and save you money. ***We made sure to only include brand name grow equipment, backed by industry leading warranties. Growing from seed will need additional germination equipment.***

There are 4 major components to every indoor grow kit: Tent, Light, Grow System and your Environmental Controls. Lets check out what comes in this all inclusive soil kit.

Component #1: Grow Tent

Secret Jardin DS120W

  • The Secret Jardin Dark Street DS120W 2×4 grow tent is made of 95% reflective mylar with a hammered effect. The DS120W 2×4 has a sturdy construction and includes extra strong zippers, metal poles, newly engineered polypropylene corners, and ceiling bars to hang various equipment such as reflectors and filters. These are virtually light proof, easy to clean, and assemble quickly and easily. The Dark Street DS120W grow tent gives you easy access to your plants and gardening equipment with a full-sized zippered front door. Follow this link to learn more about the Secret Jardin Dark Street 120W.
  • Component #2: LED Grow Light

    S450 Advanced LED

  • The Advance Spectrum MAX 450 Watt 3w-Chip Modular line of LED grow light panels are ready to get your garden growing to is maximum potential! Don’t be fooled, this L.E.D. panel is the best LED you can buy, as it’s about the equivilant of 800w HID grow light system. Unlike a 800w HID, however, this LED draws more than 50% less energy than one! The red, orange, blue, light blue, white, and NEW infrared lights* are utilized to keep your plants full of the light they need for optimum quality yields.
  • Our new LED grow light panel also has a 60 degree secondary angle lens that helps its the 90 degree base lens to provide more than triple the intensity and penetration of light compared to other LED Grow Light Kits available. Single 120 degree lenses other LEDs do not offer sufficient plant penetration, and single 60 degree lenses offer too little plant coverage. Its modular feature makes customization and repair a breeze, and its Intelligent Detection diodes help indicate faults and defects in the panel before it’s too late. Our Advance Spectrum MAX 450 Watt 3w-Chip Modular LED grow panel the offers the same geat plant growth of a 1000w HPS system at half the cost, and superior growth over the other LED’s around! Pair of light hangers included. Follow this link to learn more about the Advanced Spectrum S450.
  • Component #3: Grow System

    WaterFarm General Hydroponics

  • The compact General Hydroponics WaterFarm hydroponic garden is capable of growing small, medium and large plants up to pepper, cucumber and tomato size. Measuring in at a mere 10-inch by 10-inch by 15-inches tall but boasts a reservoir capacity of four gallons. 3 complete WaterFarm systems are included. Comes complete with reservoir, growth chamber, pump and FloraKit nutrients. Follow this link to learn more about the WaterFarm

    Component #4: Environmental Controls

    Keeping control of your grow room environment is incredibly important to the success of your crop. A major key to environmental success is to keep clean air circulation throughout your tent. Our grow kit includes multiple fans, a carbon air filter and a hygro-thermometer to keep your plants in an environmental oasis. Here is a look at all the pieces that make this work.

    Inline Fan

    DuraBreeze 4 inch Inline Fan

  • Air flow is an essential component in any horticulture configuration. This durable and high quality inline fan is powerful enough to air cool several lights connected by ducting and powerful enough to extract odor and heat from your room. Keep your growing environment in balance by ensuring you have proper ventilation. The 4-inch, 171-cubic-feet-per-minute DuraBreeze Inline Fan quietly and efficiently ensures airflow in indoor gardens. Its powder coated steel housing encases a motor with automatic thermal overload protection. It includes a 120-volt prewired power cord and mounting hardware for easy installation. This fan is ETL-listed and comes with a five-year warranty. Follow this link to learn more about the 4 Inch DuraBreeze Fan.
  • Carbon Air Filter

    DuraBreeze Lite 4x8

  • The 4-inch-by-8-inch DuraBreeze® Lite Carbon Filter weighs in at only 4.1 pounds, making it easier to move and suspend than its standard steel cousins. Featuring open-air aluminum mesh housing and a 1.8-inch-deep bed of RC412 Australian virgin activated carbon. This filter is rated for airflow up to 175 cubic feet per minute and effectively combats odors, dust and more over a life span of approximately two years. Includes two pre-filters, an attached 4-inch aluminum flange and a one-year warranty. Overall diameter is 7.6 inches. The carbon air filter comes with ducting and clamps to connect to your inline fan. Follow this link to learn more about the 4×8 Inch DuraBreeze Filter.
  • Fan Speed Controller

    Blueprint Fan Speed Controller

  • Keep a fan blowing at the desired speed with the Blueprint Controllers® Fan Speed Controller, FSC-1. Simply plug a fan into the controller and select the desired speed using the adjustable knob. This 120-volt, 15-amp controller has a double-insulated, grounded power cord and includes a one-year warranty. Follow this link to learn more about the Blueprint Fan Speed Controller.
  • Wall Mount Fan

    Monkey Fan Secret Jardin

  • Whether growing in tents or rooms, you can hook these monkey fans on quickly, and regularly adjust their height. The monkey fan hook allows you to attach it quickly to virtually every type of grow tent pole as well as PVC (commonly used to stretch trellis across canopies). Follow this link to learn more about the Monkey Fan.
  • Digital Hygro-Thermometer

    Blueprint Hygro Thermometer

  • The Blueprint Controllers Digital Hygro-Thermometer Large, BDHT-L offers a convenient, at-a-glance view of indoor garden temperature and humidity. In addition to a second-zone or outdoor temperature reading taken via its remote sensor probe. Suitable for wall-mounting or tabletop use, the large, easy-to-read Digital Hygro-Thermometer stores maximum and minimum values for later viewing and features a switchable Fahrenheit or Celsius display. Includes replaceable AAA battery and a one-year warranty. CE-certified. Follow this link to learn more about the Blueprint Hygro-Thermometer.
  • Light Timer Controller

    Blueprint Mechanical Timer

  • Rely on the Blueprint Controllers Mechanical Timer, BMT-1 to keep a 120-volt device running on schedule. It is programmable in 15-minute increments and features a power indicator and switch. This timer handles a maximum load of 1,875 watts and 15 amps, and it is protected by a one-year warranty. Follow this link to learn more about the Blueprint Mechanical Timer.
  • Safety Glasses

    LED Light Glasses

  • Protection and style are combined in this affordable pair of Grow Room LED Glasses, reducing your exposure to potentially harmful radiation and discomfort. Working with LED lighting can have a long-term negative effect on your eyesight. Using Grow1 Grow Room Glasses is a preventative and protective solution to this problem. Follow this link to learn more about the Gro1 LED Glasses.
  • Water Testing Meters

    Hydro Testers

  • The HM Digital PH-80 and COM-80 has proven to be the MOST reliable pH meter and EC/TDS meter in its price range. Ideal for testing applications such as hydroponics and gardening, pools and spas, aquariums and reef tanks, water ionizers, drinking water and more. The PH-80 is sleek, lightweight design is water-resistant, features one-touch automatic digital calibration, measures temperature, has automatic temperature compensation (ATC) and an LCD screen. The COM-80 has four scales, including microsiemens (µS), millisiemens (mS), parts per million (ppm) and parts per trillion (ppt), this water-resistant tester is excellent for nutrient testing, and the LCD screen displays simultaneous temperature reading. This tester includes storage solution in a sponge embedded in a translucent cap, pH 7.0 buffer and batteries. Follow this link to learn more about these Hydro Testers.
  • Additional Information

    Weight 100 lbs
    Tent Sizes



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