Current Culture Under Current Evolution

Current Culture Under Current Evolution

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The Under Current Evolution system is the world’s only recirculating water culture hydroponic system to feature our patented Sub-Current Culture® circulation method.

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Product Description


Current Culture
Under Current Evolution
Number of Sites:
9 sites, 12 sites, 18 sites, 24 sites
System Type:
Deep Water Culture
Growth Module Size:
18″ Centers/8 gal
FREE With Purchase:
Cultured Solutions® (UC ROOTS, VEG A, VEG B) nutrients
Manufacturer Warranty:
1 Year
Additional Information:

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The Under Current Evolution system is the world’s only recirculating water culture hydroponic system to feature our patented Sub-Current Culture® circulation method.

Sub-Current Culture® (SCC) technology utilizes negative water pressure to recirculate highly oxygenated nutrient solution through the plant’s root zone. This continuous fluid motion supercharges the nutrients with dissolved oxygen, creating hyper-aerobic conditions perfect for explosive plant growth. Constant 24/7 nutrient circulation ensures pH and EC levels are uniform throughout the entire system.

Their unique water culture application is unprecedented in layout versatility and ease of use. The Under Current Evolution consistently delivers awe-inspiring yields for any sized application, from hobby to commercial greenhouse.

The Under Current Evolution Includes:

  • 8 Gallon “Blackout Series” Growth Modules
  • CCH2O 8″ Heavy Duty Lids with Port Hole
  • CCH2O 8″ Heavy Duty Net Pots
  • 2″ Manifold & Joints with 2” UC Spin-Tight Bulkheads
  • Danner Mag-Drive™ Return Pump
  • Premium Linear Air Pump(s)
  • 9” Air Diffuser Disc
  • Aqua-Pore Air Diffusers
  • Air Distribution Manifold
  • Air Hose, In-Line Filter(s)
  • Adjustable Float Valve with Reservoir Adapter Kit
  • Drain Valve
  • Chiller Adapter
  • Garden Hose Drain Adapter
  • Cultured Solutions™ VEG A/B
  • 1-Year Warranty.
  • Modular Design
  • Multiple growth module sizes and plant spacing options
  • Easy to set up, break down and expand
  • 60+ system configurations to suit any size plant and grow space
  • Designed to accommodate a wide variety of lighting footprints
  • Under Current Evolution Premium Construction

  • Highest quality commercial and greenhouse caliber components
  • CCH2O’s proprietary parts are designed and manufactured in California
  • Systems utilize professional grade air and water pumps
  • Benefits of Growing in an Under Current

  • Prolific Yield Potential
  • Increased growth rates produce larger overall plants and drastically reduce vegetative times
  • Higher productivity with fewer plants
  • Under Current Evolution Increased Efficiency

  • High levels of aeration and constant circulation optimize plants nutrient uptake capacity
  • Conserves water and necessitates less frequent nutrient change-outs
  • Reduced Maintenance

  • pH, EC/TDS and solution temperatures stay uniform throughout the entire system
  • Easily adaptable to pH/nutrient dosers, top-off reservoirs and water chillers
  • Grower Support

  • We offer expert grower support to every Under Current® system and Cultured Solutions® nutrient user; we want you to be successful with our products. Let us help your garden thrive!
  • Additional Information

    Number of Plants

    7 – 12, 13 – 18, 19 – 24

    Number of Sites

    9 sites, 12 sites, 18 sites, 24 sites


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