DWC Bucket Grow System
DWC Hydroponic Bucket System

DWC Hydroponic Bucket System

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This Deep Water Culture Bucket System Kit is perfect for the Do It Yourself'rs out there.

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Product Description


Green Envy Supply
Grow System Type:
DWC Hydroponic Bucket System
Bucket Size:
5 Gal
Pump Type:
Tubing Size:
3/16 Tubing
Mesh Pot:
Square or Round
Medium Type:
Clay Pebbles (Optional)
Starting MSRP:


This Deep Water Culture Bucket System Kit is perfect for the Do It Yourself’rs out there.

We provide you all the supplies you need to start growing, you provide the plant and love. *Please note that the aquavita air pump will comes with 2 or 4 air ports allowing you to run 2 or 4 buckets.*

Each Bucket System Includes:

  • 5 Gallon Bucket
  • Aquavita Air Pump
  • 3/16 Tubing
  • Mesh Pot
  • Aquavita Air Stone
  • Clay Pebbles – Optional
  • Additional Information

    Number of Buckets:

    1 Bucket, 2 Buckets, 3 Buckets, 4 Buckets, 5 Buckets, 6 Buckets, 7 Buckets, 8 Buckets


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