Humboldt County’s Own Deep Fusion Grow Hydro

Humboldt County’s Own Deep Fusion Grow Hydro

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Humboldt County’s Own Deep Fusion Grow Hydro “fuses” the power and effectiveness of chemical fertilizers with, kelp and B1.

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Product Description


Humboldt County’s Own
Deep Fusion Grow Hydro
General Usage:
Basic Grow Nutrient
Active Ingredients:
Kelp and Molasses
Available Sizes:
32 oz, 1 gal, 2.5 gal
Additional Information:


Humboldt County’s Own Deep Fusion Grow Hydro “fuses” the power and effectiveness of chemical fertilizers with, kelp and B1 to give growers a balanced product that combines the best of both worlds.

The DEEP FUSION SERIES is the most advanced 3 PART FERTILIZER SYSTEM on the market. All growers want the flavor and fragrance of products grown with natural fertilizers but also want the high yields of potent chemical nutrients.


Deep Fusion Grow Hydro Organic Base:

Contains kelp and molasses which are the key base nutrients in commercial organic fertilizers. Kelp and Molasses are a rich source of micronutrients that are not found in chemical fertilizers. Molasses is a rich source of simple and complex sugars, polysaccharides, esters, vitamins and amino acids. Molasses forms bio-available complexes with many micronutrients under a wide range of pH conditions. This is especially important for growers who are working with less than ideal water sources. Kelp contains growth hormones, kinetin and IAA, which improve yield WHEN USED IN PROPER AMOUNTS.

Unfortunately, growers using straight kelp products usually overfeed because the instructions are vague. Kelp, when overused in bloom, channels nutrients into useless leaf. Flower tops will actually “leaf out” at the end of the bloom cycle and yields will nose dive. Deep Fusion removes the guess work. We put the kelp extract into the Deep Fusion Grow so the kelp supply tapers off through the bloom cycle the way it should. No need to guess. You get the right amount of kelp at the right time which means heavier yields and no more leafy flowers.


The chemical base nutrient part of our system is as good as and, in some respects, better than, other base nutrients. General Hydroponics pioneered the concept back in the 1980’s and their good reputation is well known. However, while developing our line and testing it in Humboldt County, we discovered that growers kept encountering Magnesium deficiency. So we took the GH concept and improved upon it by loading Deep Fusion with as much Magnesium as possible. The result is a system that is more tuned to the real needs of indoor growers and gives more consistent results than any line we know of.


  • Our Deep Fusion Series is really a 5 Part System condensed into a 3 Part.
  • After 30 years, the concept of a Base Nutrient System has been taken to the next level.
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    32 oz, 1 gal, 2.5 gal


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