Kind Soil and Fox Farm Bush Doctor Coco Loco Kit
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Kind Soil and Coco Loco Water Only Kit

Kind Soil and Coco Loco Water Only Kit

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ITS TIME TO STOP TRYING AND START GROWING! The Kind Soil and Fox Farm Coco Loco Kit is a water only grow system!

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Product Description


Fox Farm and Kind Soil
Water Only Kit
Pot Size Options:
3 gal or 5 gal
Soil Coverage:
5 Grow Sites
Fabric Pots Included:
5 Fabric Pots
Top Soil Ingredients:
Coco/Perlite Blend
Starting MSRP:


IT’S TIME TO STOP TRYING AND START GROWING! The Kind Soil and Fox Farm Coco Loco Kit is a water only grow system!

Growing can’t get any easier. The Kind Soil and Coco Loco combination is an all in one grow kit which means all you do after planting your seed or clone is add water. That’s right, just add water! Get ready to be blown away by how easy this is and how amazing the results are. This grow kit allows for growers to set-up 5 grow sites using 3 or 5 gallon grow pots.

3 Gallon Grow Kit Includes

  • 5 lb Bags of Kind Soil x 3
  • 56 Liter Bag of Bush Doctor Coco Loco x 1
  • Fabric Pots x 5
  • 5 Gallon Grow Kit Includes

  • 5 lb Bags of Kind Soil x 5
  • 56 Liter Bag of Bush Doctor Coco Loco x 2
  • Fabric Pots x 5
  • Pot Size Grow Timeline

  • 3 gallon pots (2 months MAX vegetative growth plus you can complete your ENTIRE flower cycle after the veg)
  • 5 gallon pots (2.5 months MAX vegetative growth plus you can complete your ENTIRE flower cycle after the veg)
  • Kind Soil Features:

    IT’S TIME TO STOP TRYING AND START GROWING! Kind soil is a water only system! There’s no extra nutrients, additives or extra boosters you will need with our system! Everything your medical grow will need from vegetative start to harvest day is in Kind Soil. For optimal results use a de-chlorinated water source with a natural PH between 6.3-7.0. You can adjust your water PH if your de-chlorinated water source has a PH level above/below that PH range. If you have to adjust your water PH, do not use phosphoric acid/liquid PH up/down with Kind Soil. We only recommend citric acid crystals (PH down) or potassium bicarbonate (PH up) to adjust your water PH. Lock out can occur from overwatering or overly alkaline/acidic water. Knowing and continually monitoring your water PH is vital to your grow.

    Kind Soil will give you longer veg times, larger production rates and denser buds than any other water only system. Unlike other “water only” soils you do not need to purchase any extra additives for our system… EVER! Kind Soil is ready to use directly out of the bag. There is no cooking required.

    Kind Soil Instructions

    Step 1

    Place 1 lb. of Kind Soil for every gallon of grow space on the bottom of your grow container. Example: If you are using 3 gallon pots then you would use 3 pounds of Kind Soil. 5 gal grow pot – 5 lbs. of Kind Soil and etc.

    Step 2

    Fill the remainder of the grow container with any quality grow media containing organic matter and some amendments. Our Zen Blend formula we include with our kit pairs beautifully with Kind Soil. Never plant anything directly into Kind Soil.

    Step 3

    Plant your seed or clone.

    Step 4

    Water your plant as needed. Be sure you’re not overwatering or watering to run off. Your media needs to properly dry before every watering. Keeping the media too moist will slow your growth. Always make sure your water is dechlorinated. Root zone temps are important when growing organically indoors. Keeping your soil temps at or above 65 degrees is best. Do not keep your grow pots on cold floors!

    ***PLEASE NOTE***

    Incorrect water PH: This is so vital, you must have a quality WATER PH meter and you must be monitoring your water PH all the time. THE OPTIMAL WAY TO RUN OUR SOIL is with a water source that has a natural PH of 7.0 down to 6.3. If your water has a PH between 6.3-7.0 do not adjust the PH, just simply water your plant. If your PH is out of that range you must ph adjust your water. You cannot use liquid PH up and down products, you must use citric acid crystals or Potassium bicarbonate Earth Juice Naturals makes a very good PH up and down that we recommend. If you have to PH adjust just get the water in the 6.5-7.0 range you do not have to be exact with it as long as you’re not going above or below the 6.5-7.0 range. We also do not recommend RO water carbon filtered water is all that’s needed RO water is a waste all around and really isn’t needed. If you do not have a quality water source, distilled or filtered bottle water will work as well. AGAIN make certain the PH is in the proper range.

    Adding ANYTHING other than water: This happens a lot, growers get impatient and that feel they can “BOOST” the grow or simply don’t trust in our system. Our system works exactly as we state Adding anything to your water or grow pots will just slow and hinder your growth. It can cause low production rates, slow growth, PH swings or even just cause the plant to lock out and die from overfeeding. Our system is designed to be a water only system from veg to harvest, DO NOT ADD ANYTHING other than carbon filtered water (PH adjusted if needed) to your grow. Patience is key, your plant will grow vigorously and produce proper flowers as long as you allow the soil to work for you.

    Bush Doctor Coco Loco:

    Triple washed for a low salt content. Bush Doctor Coco Loco Potting Soil by Foxfarm is one crazy little mix that’s chock-full of the best coconut coir available. Also includes plenty of good stuff like aged forest products, perlite, earthworm castings, bat guano, Norwegian kelp meal, oyster shell and dolomite lime. Heck, it even has some mycorrhizal fungi tossed in for good measure!

    Coco Loco Features:

  • For use indoors and out
  • Light, consistent texture
  • Chock-full of beneficial microbes
  • Holds more than its weight in water — requires less labor!
  • Available in 2.0 cubic foot bags (51.4 dry quarts)
  • Ideal for hanging baskets, container gardens, seedling trays and much more!
  • Coco Loco Grower’s Tip:

    Coconut peat is one of nature’s most abundant natural resources. It has long been used by hydroponic growers for its water retention, superior aeration and superior drainage at the root zone. Plants growing in Coco Loco will not require water as often as your usual potting mix. Whether you’re growing in hanging baskets, vertical gardens, containers, or seedling trays, extend your watering schedule. In most climates, every two to three days will be enough. Always adjust your watering schedule as needed. Follow this link to learn more about Coco Loco.

    Additional Information

    Weight 30 lbs
    Pot Size Compatibility

    3 Gal Pots, 5 Gal Pots


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