O2 Grow Model 2041 Emitter Only

O2 Grow Model 2041 Emitter Only

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This O2 Grow Model 2041 Emitter is compatible with the 2040 Unit

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Product Description


O2 Grow
Model 2041
Replacement Emitter For:
2040 Unit
Emitters Included:
1 Year
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This O2 Grow Model 2041 Emitter is compatible with the 2040 Unit

Bubblers and venturis are inefficient at raising the dissolved oxygen level (ppm) in water. In addition, this process will actually raise the water temperature to match the surrounding air. Bubblers and venturis simply “blow” air through the water. The O2 Grow 2041 emitter patented technology elevates the dissolved oxygen levels 50% more than bubblers through electrolysis without increasing the temperature of your water. The O2 Grow technology actually “manufactures” 100% pure oxygen. It works by taking advantage of the electrolysis cycle at a molecular level, separating the oxygen from hydrogen when electric current passes through an ion-containing solution or a liquid, such as water.

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