O2 Grow Spider Model 2120-B

O2 Grow Spider Model 2120-B

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Why Use The O2 Grow Spider Model 2120-B?

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Product Description


O2 Grow
Spider Model 2120-B
Compatible Resevoir Size:
8-14 Gal Per Emitter
Emitters Included:
Maximum Current Draw:
42W Per Emitter
1 Year
Additional Information:

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Why Use The O2 Grow Spider Model 2120-B?

Bubblers and venturis are inefficient at raising the dissolved oxygen level (ppm) in water. In addition, this process will actually raise the water temperature to match the surrounding air. Bubblers and venturis simply “blow” air through the water. The O2 Grow Spider Model 2120-B patented technology elevates the dissolved oxygen levels 50% more than bubblers through electrolysis without increasing the temperature of your water. The O2 Grow technology actually “manufactures” 100% pure oxygen. It works by taking advantage of the electrolysis cycle at a molecular level, separating the oxygen from hydrogen when electric current passes through an ion-containing solution or a liquid, such as water.

It’s well documented that oxygen is needed to help balance pH, prevent root disease and ultimately increase yield. Additionally, oxygen is a vital component when brewing compost teas. Increased oxygen to the root zone has shown to increase the speed of plant growth, size of the root ball, number and size of flowers, and nutrient uptake.

The importance of increasing levels of Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved oxygen (DO) refers to the amount of oxygen that is contained in solution. The amount of oxygen that can be held by water may be influenced by water temperature, salinity, and pressure.The concentration of dissolved oxygen in water is expressed in milligrams per liter (mg O2/L), parts per million (ppm), or percentage saturation (%O2). Dissolved oxygen levels are considered most important and commonly employed measurement of water quality as well as ability to sustain plants or aquatic life.

Increased levels of dissolved oxygen in water will noticeably increase plant yields, benefit root growth allowing for nutrients to be more readily absorbed, and significantly reduce root diseases such as Pythium which typically thrive in oxygen-poor (anaerobic) environments.

O2 Grow Spider Model 2120-B Emitter Features:

  • Deliver 50% more dissolved oxygen than air stones
  • Do not warm water like bubblers
  • Use no moving parts or motors to wear out
  • Use less power…1 AMP per hour
  • Protect from root disease
  • Improve nutrient uptake
  • Activate microbes
  • Essential for compost tea brewing
  • 8-14 Gallon Capacity Per Emitter
  • Maximum Current Draw: 42 Watts Per Emitter @120V
  • Additional Information

    Weight 50 lbs


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