Pure Pressure Pikes Peak Dual Pressure

Pure Pressure Pikes Peak Dual Pressure


The Pure Pressure Dual Pressure Pikes Peak Press was engineered to provide years of reliability all while giving you the highest quality press on the market.

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Product Description


Pure Pressure
Press Name:
Pikes Press
Operating System:
Dual Pressure
Compressed Air:
Temerature Range:
1 Year
Additional Information:
Additional Information:
Additional Information:

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Pikes Peak Press Dual Pressure Highlights

Run your press at two different pressures with the switch of a lever! This kit adds a second regulator to the side of your Pikes Peak rosin press for dual pressure control. Set one regulator to a low pressure and one regulator to a higher pressure and easily switch between the two with the pull of a lever. This add on is extremely effective for eliminating blowouts when pressing dry sift, kief, or bubble!

  • Industry-leading press technology with full custom software for total control, including free firmware updates for life
  • 5 tons of pressure output from our custom fabricated, oil-less, maintenance-free pneumatic cylinder from 120psi compressed air input
  • Even heat distribution from 0°F – 300°F from our in-house machined aluminum plates, each with its own thermocoupler for perfect accuracy
  • Each Pikes Peak rosin press includes two sets of orientation legs, so you can operate the press vertically or horizontally
  • Ultra durable, powder-coated construction with a 1 year warranty
  • Lifetime 10% discount on rosin bags and parchment paper as a Pikes Peak press owner
  • Each press is proudly made by hand in Denver, Colorado with top quality components at our factory
  • Full technical specifications available here.
  • The Pikes Peak Press was engineered to provide years and years of reliability while giving you the highest quality press on the market. You, the user, has complete control over heat plate temperatures, press time, operating pressure (digital readout), and actuating speed. Each press is available either with 10″ x 2″ or 10″ x 3″ heat plates.

    Our pneumatic cylinder requires no oiling or maintenance and through its’ unique design is able to achieve nearly 5 tons of force with only 120 psi air. These extremely high forces ensure that all of your rosin is extracted efficiently. All PurePressure products are manufactured in the USA and we guarantee unrivaled quality from all of our handmade presses and rosin bags.

    Additional Information

    Plate Size

    10″ x 2″, 10″ x 3″


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