Trim Station Fully Loaded

Trim Station Fully Loaded

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Thankfully, there is a way to easily streamline your trim and harvest operations without breaking the bank with Trim Station Fully Loaded

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Trim Station
Trim Station Fully Loaded
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There is nothing more tedious and time consuming then trimming your plants. Thankfully, there is a way to easily streamline your trim and harvest operations without breaking the bank with Trim Station Fully Loaded

Trim Station is designed to help you trim, prepare, and harvest you hydroponic plants with ease, while sitting comfortably in your favorite chair. This all in one platform includes a fantastic, easily adjustable lap tray with plenty of room to work on your favorite plants. Ergonomic wrist rests are ideal because not only do they help even the most inexperienced trimmer work efficiently and comfortably, they help to keep your hands and arms in the proper position to avoid any unnecessary repetitive motion injuries.

Are you having trouble seeing what needs trimming? Trim Station comes fully equipped with a 5W LED lamp on an adjustable neck, making it easy to see all of the important details without straining your eyes or worrying about the need for natural lighting. The LED bulb also does not give off the same heat that a traditional incandescent bulb would, so there is no danger of damaging your delicate plants with your light source.

Let’s face it, trimming and harvesting your plants or preparing other indoor gardening supplies can be a boring job. To help alleviate some of that boredom, Trim Station has a fantastic collection of compartments and cup holders so you can keep your cell phone or favorite drink close at hand. Break out your favorite playlist, or tune into Netflix to catch up on your favorite shows, all while getting your hydroponic garden up and running.

The central chute serves three purposes. First, it is the primary work area. Second, it includes a “Green Screen” that attaches over the central chute to serve as a filter, preventing the loss of any potentially viable material. A “Swag Bag” can also be attached to the central chute to catch any waste material, making for easy clean up. The Trim Station Kit comes with one Green Screen, 2 Swag Bags, and one “Band-It” to attach the Swag Bags to the central chute.

Additionally, the Trim Station Kit comes with a grease ball, perfect for wiping sticky sap or other organic material from your trimming scissors. The easy-grip handles on either side of the trim station platform make it simple to move, even when filled with plants or supplies. The easy to adjust lap tray, with its fully adjustable neck, is simple to manipulate and can quickly be adjusted to fit the requirements of different users.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for indoor gardening supplies to set up your own private hydroponic garden, or if you’re taking the first steps toward becoming a commercial grower, the Trim Station is the ideal harvest station to fit all of your trim and harvest needs. TrimStation is great for the environment as well, since each fantastic package is made of 100% recycled materials. Let us show you how much easier your trim and harvesting tasks could be.

Trim Station Fully Loaded Includes:

  • 1 Trim Station lap tray
  • 1 Stand
  • 1 Bud Beam
  • 1 set of wrist rest pads
  • 1 Starter Kit (1 Grease Ball, 1 Green Screen, 1 Band-It, 2 Swag Bags)
  • Additional Information

    Weight 19 lbs


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